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From:Pardon My Backcast by Alan Pratt.

*Editors note* Ofttimes an author will write a whole book and put the 'clincher' in the very last paragraph. Alan Pratt has done that. So here is the last paragraph of his book.

"I like trout fishing. I'm not obsessed, mind you, as my wife and kids insist, but nonetheless I would prefer to be on a stream or lake with a fly rod than doing something regularly regarded as productive. Not pretending to have encyclopedic knowledge of the sport, I still can boast of enough information to be comfortable among my peers, and enough of the argot of the game to hold up my end in a cocktail conversation.

Fortunately, I learned to fly fish early and have found it a great touchstone to my enjoyment of life, and to remaining somewhat sane in a rather insane world. If I have written and illustrated the game with seeming irreverence, forgive me, for I do so with deep affection, and the hope that, with humor and humility, you too may come to enjoy fly fishing as much as I do."

~ Alan Pratt

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